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St Matthew's CE Primary School

Faith • Respect • Achievement • Friendship

​Our Curriculum

We believe in a creative enquiry and have developed a values based curriculum for the children who come to St Matthew’s Primary School. We want children to be independent learners who value knowledge and strive to fulfil their potential.

Each topic that the children take part in is values driven and, to give purpose to the learning, there is an outcome for the children such as a museum, a leaflet delivered in the local area or a trip or visit. We are hoping to get more people in from the local area with special expertise, such as travel agents and theatre set designers, to enrich the experience.

Within the topic, the children also have a spirituality element where the children consider themselves, others, the world and beauty as well as moral issues An example of this is when they think about what greed is whist studying the topic, 'Food glorious food' in Year 3 and 4.

Global advocacy is also a big part of our plans and each year group have times when they consider issues around the world and how we can help. These are indicated on our curriculum plans by this symbol. 

The school sponsors a child called Shadrack who lives in Kenya and the children spend some time each year learning about him or his way of life. 


Check out each class page to find out what we are doing in our curriculum areas each term. 

You can see our class overviews for the whole year if you click on the links below.                

Rainbows overview

Year 1 2 curriculum overview for 2023-2024

Year 3 4 curriculum overview for 2023-2024

Year 5 6 curriculum overview for 2023-2024

If you would like to know any more about the curriculum we follow, please make an appointment in the office to see Miss Lee.