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St Matthew's CE Primary School

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Zoom Meetings

Hello Everyone, these are my zoom meetings this week. They'll be following the recommended timetable, so if you have already completed that days work/have not yet reached it, don't worry about attending.

Attending is not mandatory, but if you can make it (and is relevant to you), it would be great to see you there.

The Meeting ID and password will be text out to you. This will be the same for every zoom call.

These will last somewhere between half an hour and an hour depending on the subject of the call.

Please bring a piece of paper and a pencil with you to the call.


Monday 16th November

11am - Maths - Modelling and Ordering Fractions. We will be covering how to complete up to page 5 in the maths workbook.


Tuesday 17th November 

11am - English - What do I want to see in your writing? A recap of the success criteria.


Wednesday 18th November

11am - Science - All about teeth. Bringing together your work from Monday and Tuesday, we will recap what the different type of teeth do, and why they are important.


Thursday 19th November

11am - Phonics Spelling Group - For those of you about to start the 'ir' grapheme.

11:30am - Year 3/4 Spellings Group - For those of you who are going to be learning some more Year 3 and 4 Statutory Words.


Friday 20th November 

11am - Guided Reading and Sharing Session - We will be discussing the question, 'Would you like to live in Stig's house' as well as sharing all of our favourite work from the week. Please bring along your favourite piece of work to show everyone.



Rules for Zoom Meetings:

  • Please join the call in a communal room. Somewhere like the living room or the kitchen. Please do not join the call from your bedroom.
  • Please join the call with a parent in the room to begin with. They do not have to stay, but as long as they can hear/see you throughout then this is fine.
  • Please check the name attached to your zoom account. It is much easier if your name is displayed, but surnames are also fine. Just as long as it isn't anything silly, or I won't be able to add you to the call.
  • If zoom ends the call, rejoin with the same meeting ID and password. Similarly, if you are in the second call (if the groups are split), I will have to keep you in the waiting room until it is your group's time to start. I may have to end the call and re-add you back in.