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English - reading

I have attached a reading comprehension at the bottom of the page. It is called golden skies. There are quite a few different chapters, but you could look at a few of them. The answers are in there too!

English - Writing

This week we will be thinking more about paragraphs.


Just read the first sentences of the paragraphs on the page from Mister Tom (Scanned in at the bottom of the page). What do you think those paragraphs will be about? Can we work out what the paragraph will be about from this one sentence? Has the author told us what the time is? Where they are? How a character is feeling? Using one of the first sentences as a starting point, write your own paragraph. Now read the one in the book. Is it similar? Different? Why do you think that is?


Can you label each paragraph with the theme or overview of that paragraph? What title would you give it?


Conjunctions are words or phrases which link ideas in sentences or paragraphs

Adverbs describe how something is done

Prepositions give us information about where or when something happens.

Look at the page. Can you highlight it with any conjunctions, adverbs or prepositions? You might like to use a different colour for each one.


We are not going to imagine we are evacuees in the country and we are going to write a letter to our relative back at home in the city. What might we want to put into a letter hone? List paragraph themes and decide which paragraphs we would put first in a letter. Note done some details you would want to put in each paragraph.


Now you can write the letter. Remember you need to put in some fronted adverbials which we looked at last week and clear paragraph starters.


When you have written your letter you need to check and edit you letter. You might need to check it makes sense and that all your spellings are correct. Then look at the describing words you have used, can you change them into something more exciting?


I am looking forward to reading your letters. You could put them onto the blog so everybody can see them!


This week we are going to be looking at area using our multiplication facts to help us.


This video shows how to multiply using our mental methods.


This clip shows the difference between area and perimeter.


Can you measure some of the rectangular objects in your house and find the area of them using your times tables skills?


Remember to keep practising on TT Rockstars!


You could draw some other shapes like this and find their area.


An investigation

A 6cm X 3cm rectangle has a perimeter of 18cm and an area of 18cm2. Although the units of measure are different numerically, they are the same. Is this true for all rectangles? Prove it


This week there is a PowerPoint saved at the bottom of the page all about why and when children were evacuated using a graph. There is also a bit of research to be done in the middle. You could use this information to create your own timeline of evacuation.

This activity is all about a composer we are learning about in class. She was very interesting.