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Working From Home.

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This page is for those children who are self isolating at home and need to keep up with what we are doing in the classroom.

I have enclosed the medium term plan for Spring so that you can see what we are covering and have been covering for a number of weeks.

Reading: Please continue to read your reading book or another book daily if you can and record this in your yellow reading record. I have found that 'Hampshire Library Services' offer free ebooks and eAudiobooks which can be downloaded with a 'Hampshire Library Card'. I have downloaded a step by step guide which you will find at the bottom of this page to help you to download them. Please use this if you can as it is an excellent resource.

The maths this week will be related to the cooking of the cup cakes for Mother`s Day. We will be talking about size, weight, pattern, colour, shape and 1 more and 1 less. This can easily be done with other foods eg How many carrots have you got? What colour is your ice-cream? How many is 1 more or 1 less sausage? What shape is your pasta? Mathletics is also a great resource to continue to use.

In Literacy we will be reading many stories and revising the sounds ch and oa and looking at igh as in night and oo as in moon. We will be using Alphblocks to do this and Education City. We will also be writing down the sounds eg ch for chicken and drawing a picture of chickens.

If you can do any planting them that would be great. We will be thinking about how to keep the plants healthy and what they need to grow.

If you need to ask anything then please ring.

J West

I Need a Wee!

A story read by Mrs Partridge

This is another story I filmed quite a while ago. Hope you enjoy it!




A Squash and a Squeeze by Mrs Partridge

Hi everyone, hope you are all well. While we have been in lockdown, I have been learning a new skill - video editing! Here is my first video for you to have a look at! I still have a lot to learn but I hope you enjoy my first story. 

Mrs Partridge :)









This week we were going to look at the Easter story in the Bible.

I have adapted my plan so that you can do very similar things at home. It has a great Easter garden activity and you could photograph any that you make so that we can eventually make a book out of them.

We were also going to do quite alot of drama so if you want to have a go and act out the Easter story then please download it and put it on Tapestry.

We have also been doing a maths investigation from a sight called nrich either weekly or fortnightly. I have put one of the investigations on here which you can adapt slightly and then do at home. The children have already done this one at school so they may remember it and tell you what they did.

I also received a letter from Fenn, our reading dog ,which I have attached for you to read.

Have fun and stay safe. It is very odd being in school without you-and very quiet!!! I miss all our fun and

activities very much.

The NRICH site is

I have added 2 documents that might be of help in explaining the current situation with young children.


I have no wish to over load you in these difficult times but I know that lots of children were doing really well with their phonic skills so I thought I would add some phonics here.

I have given you the Phase 3 sound mat. We would have covered all of these sounds by the end of the Spring term and would be spending the Summer term revising and embedding them.

The great resources that we use and that have the correct pronunciation of the sounds are:

Geraldine the Giraffe-to be found on Youtube. This is a great resource to use at home as Geraldine goes around her home looking for objects with those sounds in them.

Alphablocks-again found on Youtube. They also do a great CVC word video which helps the children to hear rhymes.

Education City has some great games and we are the Foundation Stage.

We also use Phonics Play in school which we have to pay for but they have now said that this is free to all users during this time. The username is march20 and the password is home. We stay within Phase 3 most of the time.

We also sing our tricky words daily and they are again found on Youtube and I type in Phase 2 tricky words and then Phase 3 tricky words.

Reading and Phonics are the best things that you can do in terms of the curriculum so even if it is just 5 minutes a day plus lots of story reading or listening to great stories-CBeebies bedtime story clips are brilliant if you want to listen to someone else reading a story-then that would be wonderful.

Please get in touch with me via the Blog page if you need any help and stay safe and well and I hope that I  see you all very soon.

I have set up an e mail account for this difficult time so that you can contact me. It is

Please use this to let me know how you are or to ask any questions that you would like about your child`s learning. If the children write to me and send their letters  to school then I will write back as soon as possible-this might encourage them in their writing.

Summer Term.

I hope that you are all well. Please feel free to email me on about any aspects of the curriculum and learning or any worries that you may have about your child.

I have enclosed a medium term plan for Summer with an over view of lots of different learning areas but particularly with a Literacy emphasis.

I have also added a second Nrich investigation which was one that we did in the Autumn term but is about collecting items on a walk so if you just take out the Autumn slant and replace it with a Summer one then it is a lovely investigation to complete after a walk in the woods.

Fenn ,our reading dog, has also sent you another letter and photograph.

The guinea pigs and I have received some lovely cards and letters from children. If your child writes to us and sends it to school then we will write back-this might be an opportunity for you to work with your child on their writing.

Take care and I am looking forward to seeing you all very much.

This is a link that will allow you to get free books that are in 2 languages if you speak a different home language.


Continuation of Summer Plans.


Hello. I hope that you are all well.

It has been lovely to see some of the things that you have been doing on the blog or via letters, cards and pictures that you have been sending me. Please continue to do this and I will reply to all of them.


I have added the minibeast plan which I have adapted for home learning because we would have been looking at these creepy crawlies this term.

I have also added a power point about minibeasts which is like an I spy game and is really great fun and also one on Summer as we look at the seasons in some depth. I appreciate that you will not have access to the same books that we have but we also watch lots of short video clips on youtube about actual minibeasts and CBeebies has some great ones also.

There is also a great power point for you on music which I hope that you will enjoy. There are some lovely activities for you to try at home on this.


I hope that you are all well.

Do not forget to contact me on if you need anything else.

Mrs West


May 15th.


Hello. I hope that you are all well.

I have added a box of activities for you for the next 2 weeks which you can pick and choose from-it is called Working From Home 1. I hope that you find the phonics games fun and easy to adapt and I will continue to add to them as the weeks go on mirroring those that I intend to do with the children returning to school.

There is also a great Bible story which the children are familiar with and a sheep activity to go with it. Have fun!

Keep safe and I hope to see you all very soon.

Mrs West


Returning to School.


As you are aware some children will be returning to school this week but most of the children will be remaining at home.

I have included a second box of activities here which will be some of the games that we are going to do in school so that you can do them at home also if you wish. Do send any work or pictures in so that we can share it and do keep safe and contact me if you need anything.

Mrs West


Week beginning 8th  June.


Hello-I hope that you are all well and have been enjoying the sunshine.

This week I have included my timetable so that you can see what we are doing in school. I have also included 6 activities for you to do at home if you can which will be similar or exactly like the activities that we will be doing in school.

We are also hoping that the children will be writing to you this week so watch out for the post!

Please e mail if you have any problems or questions.

Mrs West


Week Beginning 15th June.


We have posted letters out to all the children who are home learning so please write back if you can.

I have put the photographs on the website of the things that we have been doing in mathematics and literacy so please enjoy.

Next week we will be reading the Gingerbread Man and I have put the plans on here so that you can follow and adapt them if you can. We will be cooking gingerbread men so that might be a fun thing to do at home and hiding run away gingerbread men and trying to find them. If you do not have the story then lots of different versions can be found online.

The music service have sent a great story to us so I have included that link here also as the resources can be found at home to join in with the story. They also made a video about woodwind instruments which you might want to enjoy with your child so the link to that is on here also.

This is the pumpkin story:

This is the woodwind instrument video:

Take care and I hope to see you soon.

Mrs West


Week Beginning 22nd June.


This week I have included a plan about Goldilocks and the 3 Bears which is a story that we will be woking on in school. If you do not have the book then there are many versions of it on line and a great twist to the story is the book," Goldilocks and the 1 Bear," which again can be found on line.


I have also put on the maths investigation about shapes which we are completing and you will need string, wool or elastic to complete this.


Week Beginning 29th June.


Next week we will be looking at the creatures and the minbeasts that we have been finding outside.

I have added the plan here so that you can see what we are doing and hopefully do some of it at home.

We are also going on a teddy bears picnic with our bears under the trees. Could you do this in your garden or when you are on a walk?


Have fun!




Please refer to the table for when your child is going to go on their transition picnic with Miss Soal.


Week Beginning 6th July and 13th July.


This week we will be doing an RE week.

I have given you our plans and highlighted in purple how you could possibly adjust the plans for your home learning.

In the final full week we will be revising all of the Phase 3 sounds which are on your sound mats.

For home learning I have  put a table on with 6 phonics games which can be used with any letters or sounds.

I am very much looking forward to seeing you at the farewell gathering on our field.

Have fun and do not forget to e mail me if you need any help.

Mrs West