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St Matthew's CE Primary School

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Stuck in a fish tank

This is Bubbles. She is the fish who lives in Sycamore Class. She likes her home, she enjoys swimming around the tank. She is not too bothered by the lock down as long as she still gets her food regularly.

But I wonder if things are a bit different for you at the moment? Do the walls feel like they are closing in and your house is getting smaller? Is it getting more and more frustrating that we can't do what we want to? It's easy for us to loose our perspective and then all we can think about is being stuck at home without our friends and some of our family. Then our frustrations, anxieties and worries begin to grow.

It can be hard, but we must remember that we can always talk to God and if we ask Him for what we need and talk to Him, our perspective can change and our hearts can grow and our heads can be lifted up. Try it, see if it works for you. We can tell Him what we have been doing, talk about what we are looking forward to doing when the lock down is lifted, tell Him about our worries and what we are scared about, ask Him for things that we need. Anything really, He just wants to hear from us! Trying saying a little prayer, see what happens.

Learning to Pray | Goodness Of God Ministries

This is a song which helps us to remember to talk to God about all our problems which are called burdens in this song.