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St Matthew's CE Primary School

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Rainbows Activities

This Easter you might want to:

Cook some Easter nest cakes using rice crispies and melted chocolate and then add a bunny or a chick on the top.

Make or buy some hot cross buns and look at the cross that is on them. Why is that important at Easter?

Make an Easter card. This would be a way of you practising your handwriting as you could write who it is to and who it is from inside.

Make an Easter garden. We were going to do this in RE and it could include a stone to roll away when Jesus was resurrected, some grass, soil, stones and twigs from your garden or collected on a walk and a cross that you could make out of sticks or draw.

If you have a garden you could draw some Easter pictures and hide them in your garden for other people in your family to find. You could also do this around your house or in your bedroom.

Practice your numbers by drawing 20 or more colourful eggs and writing numbers in them.

Make an Easter or Spring picture. Can you add:

4 circles.  3 squares.  5 rectangles.  2 triangles.  Put your picture on the website under our blog if you can or put it in your window for others to see.

Can you make a repeated pattern picture using eggs? This could be a blue egg, a red one, a yellow one then back to blue, red and yellow again. How complex can you make it?

Write an Easter acrostic poem with each letter in Easter under one another and then a sentence for each letter eg Easter is great/ An egg is delicious/ Some people eat hot cross buns at Easter/The Easter story is sad and then happy/ Eggs can be colourful/Rabbits hop at Easter. You can put these on the blog or in your window.

Have fun and stay safe and if you can take a photograph of yourself over the Easter holiday and put it on our blog so that we can keep in touch that way.

Mrs West