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St Matthew's CE Primary School

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Oak and Apple Class

HAPPY EASTER!  Miss Soal and Mrs Parker have thought of lots of Easter Activities that you can do at home.  We hope you have lots of fun and don't forget to keep sending us your photographs so that we can put them on our blog page on this website! 

YEAR 1: 

  • RE - The Story of Easter - An alien has come to planet earth and asked you 'What is Easter all About?'. Can you research the story of Easter by looking online, in books, the bible and asking your family. Once you are confident that you know why Christians celebrate Easter, can you present the information for the Alien. You could do this as a video, through drama, writing a piece of music, a poster, a leaflet or any other creative form. 


  • English - Can you write a rhyming Easter Poem


  • Mathematics - "The Easter Bunny is delivering baskets of Easter Eggs to some of the teachers in St. Matthews. In the baskets there are 5 eggs. He gives a basket to 11 of the teachers. How many eggs are there all together?" How could you work this out quicker? How would you work it out if the Easter Bunny only delivered to 10 teachers? (Counting in 5s and 10s, 11 lots of 5, 5 lots of 10).


  • Art - Decorating a boiled egg to make beautiful Easter decorations for your house. 


  • D+T - Using lego or building blocks, can you make the Easter Bunny?


  • Outdoors - Go on a short walk around your garden or house. Have a look for two twigs or sticks. Using string, wrap it around them to make the shape of a cross.


  • Secret Activity - Make a beautiful Easter Card for someone who does not live with you. Send it in the post or take a photo and email it to them.

Happy Easter Oak Class

Miss Soal


YEAR 2: Our RE big question is   'Why does Easter matter to Christians'?  While you are doing lots of Easter Activities you might like to think about this and maybe post your ideas onto our Blog Pages, along with your work!

Here are some videos that tell the story of Easter which you can watch to help you remember the Easter Story.

I love how the characters have interesting noses in this clip!







LEGO FUN - I wonder if you could make your own lego movie or make your own scenes from the story and take photographs of them to send us?

If you to onto TWINKL at

You can now access many of their resources for FREE at the moment.  Remember you must always ask a grown up before using the Internet.

EASTER EGG HOLDER - How about making an Easter Egg (or boiled egg holder for Easter Morning?  I found lots of images online of things I am going to try and make using kitchen roll or toilet roll holders - let your imaginations go crazy!!!

OUTSIDE - Easter Egg hunts are great fun - but how about doing it with a bit of mathematics before Easter Sunday.  You could draw lots of eggs and colour them in and then on the back make some addition/subtraction/multiplication/division facts which you have to solve to get the prize!!! 

OUTSIDE - Why not make your own Easter Story Stick.  You could find things outside or inside that you can put on your stick to remind you of the different parts of the Easter Story.

A BIT OF WRITING - Why not make a Easter Hunt using egg clues.  You could draw pictures of eggs and then write a series of clues on them.  For example: on the first egg you could write: go down the stairs and turn right.  Find something that rhymes with hat - and the next clue is under the mat!  You might like to make a prize (maybe an egg holder)!

HEARTSMART - Remember that Easter is all about God loving us so much that he gave us Jesus who died with all our sins (the things we do that are bad) on the cross. 

How could you show how much you love someone?  Why not leave a little heart behind when you have done something special for someone in your home.  I made some flapjack and left a little heart by it for Mr Parker because its his favourite (and I'm not allowed to eat it!).  You can still walk to a postbox - so maybe you could send a letter to someone you love who you can't visit at the moment, or you can even send them an e-mail with a photograph of a picture you have drawn for them.

Remember that I am thinking of you all and wish you a VERY HAPPY EASTER!

Mrs Parker