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St Matthew's CE Primary School

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Hi Willow and Ash Class, 

We hope you are all well, having fun and staying safe. As it is the Easter holidays (although it doesn't seem like it), we thought you would like some ideas of fun activities that you could do at home to help you celebrate. We have included all of the internet or PDF links to each activity so that you can get further guidance on them. Feel free to pick and choose which activities you would like to complete. We do not expect you to do them all as there are a lot, however, we would really like to see what you get up to. You can always look on the other class pages to see what their ideas for Easter activities are and do those as well/instead. Please post your creations in your class blog and leave a message for your class mates to explain what you have been up to. 

Happy Easter!

Have fun

Mrs Searle and Miss Welch


English Ideas:

Science: See PDF below for an explanation of all science experiments.

  • Egg Stacking Challenge
  • Egg Rocket Races
  • Easter Egg Rolling Races with Ramps
  • How strong is an eggshell?

Creative Ideas: See PDF below for 'examples of creative ideas' for the first 4 activities below


Fancy some philosophical questions that you can debate with your family? Or fancy doing a riddle or two? Check out the philosophy man's website. It gets updated every week with new ideas for you to have a go at.

Lent Activities:

The theme for Easter week is ‘Humans and Other Animals’.

We turn to humans and other animals that God has made and seen as good. These challenges are designed to help us care for other creatures and to remember that every single person is special to God.

Prayer for the week:

Father, Help us to follow your son Jesus in loving and serving other people, and in caring for the animals and the earth that you have entrusted us with.


Challenges: (Monday - Easter Sunday)

  1. Notice the animals around you: Count how many different creatures you encounter today and during the week. ]
  2. Care for the animals who share our home: Can you help to care for or feed a pet that lives in your home?
  3. Explore bible stories featuring animals: Can you think of any bible stories that feature animals?
  4. Be thankful for the food we eat: Christians remember |Jesus sharing his last meal. With his friends before he died. Be thankful for the meals that you share with your family and try not to waste any.
  5. Remember how Jesus suffered for the world: Spend some time remembering that Jesus died on the cross. Ask God to be close to those suffering in the world today.
  6. Write your own prayer for the world: After 40 days of thinking about God’s creation, think about what you would like to pray for the world.
  7. Easter Sunday: Celebrate New Life: On Easter Sunday, Christians all over the world gather to remember that Jesus has died and risen again to bring peace between the whole world and God. If you can, find ways to celebrate new life with your family.