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St Matthew's CE Primary School

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16th July

Year 6, this may be the end of St Matthew's but it's actually the beginning of the rest of your lives. In the next few years, you will develop into amazing young adults, I know it.

Firstly, what can i say? You are my first class of my teaching career. What a class to have, they always say teachers never forget their first class and I have been blessed to have you. Your personalities, hard work and really buying into me, believing in me, has made it the best job in the world. From incredible memories such as, Year 4, India walking into a plane of glass and carrying on like normal, Mnashe dribbling and then seeing me tripping up and laughing back at me, Carmella's many sneezes and Max's unforgettable comedy road show. It took me 20minutes to get him to stop, the class were his audience!

Then I was lucky enough to have you this year (I beg for it!). Watching you turn into incredible young people, a quote that really sticks in my head is 'this is the best year 6's we have had in years.' That couldn't be more true. Yes, this year hasn't had the ending we wanted but we still have had an amazing two years together. 

You guys have said how great it's been and the effect I have had on you. In truth, you have had a bigger effect on me. You have made me , and allowed me to be the teacher I want to be, with wacky ideas and lessons we do! The way you handle yourselves, conduct yourselves has rubbed off on me, pushing me to be better. In all honest, I have always loved coming to work everyday, I haven't had a day when I haven't wanted to come in. That's due to you. 

Lastly, thank you to your parents, the support has been unbelievable over the last 2 years. It has meant alot to me. You have produced exceptional children who will incredible adults. I hope you come back to visit us here and tell us what you are up to.

Work hard and play hard year 6!

Thank you for coming to the leavers church service!

Please find attached the web link to the video and pictures from the Nerf fight in Beech class pictures! - History video - Full play (25min)

All the credit for the video is to Mr Leo Mansell! Thank you for doing this, the children love it! We really appreciate everything you have done!

Mr Petts