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St Matthew's CE Primary School

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Welcome to Apple Class 2023-2024

Our theme this Half Term is

Commotion in the Ocean

Blue Books: Please use the Blue Books to note down any comments or questions which you may have. The Blue Books are the easiest way to contact us if you have any queries. We will check the Blue Books every day - and sign to let you know we have seen them. Should you need to book a meeting with me, let me know in the Blue Book, and we can arrange to meet Face to Face or a telephone call. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any question – I will do my best to answer it (or pass it onto someone who can!).

Yellow Reading Records:  This has changed slightly this year. In the front of the reading book there is a ‘racetrack’. Please tally your child’s reads in the front of the Yellow Reading Record. When your child needs a certificate please note it down in the Blue Book, and we will get it ready for the Friday Reward Assembly. In addition, if you feel that the books your child are reading are too easy, please let us know.

The expectation is your child should read at home at least four times a week. We have seen significant correlations between children who read at home and the children who make the most progress within class. One of the best things you can do for your child’s progress and brain development is to read regularly at home. They do not have to read their school book, but any text read should be noted in their reading record.

In Year 2, the children will be responsible for changing their own books. The children are given time each morning in which they can change their reading books if they have finished with them. If you feel that your child is likely to forget to do this, leave a note in the Blue Book and we will remind them.

Homework: Homework is set on Education City each week. The password for this can be found in the front of the Blue Book. This homework will be directly related to what we have been doing in class over the week. Monster Points will be given for completed work.

Spellings: The children will be set spellings every Friday. The children can practise their spellings in class as well as on EdShed (See password in the Blue Books). I will also send home a printed list of their spellings if you would rather practise them on paper.

Library: We will aim to exchange Library books on Fridays. If you child has lost their Library book, please let us know and we will see how we can sort it!

Volunteers: We welcome all the help that we can get in Apple Class.

If you can help (any day, any time) we would love to have you in class with us. Whether this be to do small group work, individual reading, Forest School, swimming cooking, making, story time – we would love to learn with you! Please let me know, and we can ensure we have lots prepared to keep you busy .

If I have forgotten anything, shout! 

Best Wishes

Miss Soal