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St Matthew's CE Primary School

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Welcome to Apple Class 2017-2018

In Apple Class, we work hard and always strive to get the best out of our learning. We are learning to persevere when we are faced with challenges and build on our prior learning to support the new learning. We have lots of fun in class and learnin in lots of different ways. We are learning to listen to each other to support our learning and respect and understand each others' viewpoints. 

There are several links on the right hand side of this page which will guide you to useful websites which will support your child's learning. See the attachments below to see what the children are learning each half term. 

Summer 1: People Who Help Us

Our theme for this half term is 'People Who Help Us'. The children will begin their topic considering different people who help us in our day to day lives. Then they will find out about the life of Florence Nightingale; otherwise known as 'The Lady of the Lamp'. The children will find out about how she helped so many soldiers and the impact that she had on the improvement of standards in hospitals.

In science, the children will be investigting plants. In English, the children will e using the stories of 'The Clockwork Dragon' and 'On Sudden Hill'. For our full curriculum overview, see the link below.

The children will also be taking their SATS tests this half term. Please see 'End of KS1 Assessment Arrangements' for more information about this.

18.4.18 - Apple class enjoyed some time in the sunshine when observing plants as part of their science work. They had to identify similarities and differences between different plants and try to identify some. They then went back into the classroom and created their own branching keys to help others identify different plants.

17.4.18 - We kickstarted our theme today! The children came back from break time to find the classroom had been left in a huge mess! On greater inspection, they found a dragon's den hidden in the forest area. There was trasures, swords, shields, 'wanted' posters and more within the den.  This was their hook to engage them into the story 'The Clockwork Dragon' by Jonathan Emmett.

Spring 2: Fascinating Fossils

Our theme for this half term is called 'Fascinating Fossils'. The children will begin their topic by exploring the life of Mary Anning, who was famous for being a fossil hunter. They will explore the ups and downs of her life and consider why she is an important person to remember in history. In art, the children will look at fossils carfeully, sketching them and looking at the patterns, lines and shapes within them. They will then use clay to create their own patterns within the fossils. In science the children will continue to explore 'animals and their characteristics'. The children have already expressed a great enthusiasm for this topic as many of them have a large interest in dinosaurs. For our full curriculum overview, see the link below. 

14.3.18 - Apple Class worked extremely carefully with the clay to create their own dinosaur fossils. First they had to create the main shape and ensure that it had a smooth finish, before adding in the detail using a variety of tools.

28.3.18 - Apple class completed their dinosaur topic by taking part in an exciting workshop. They met Millie the T-Rex and her baby. They also took part in an archaeological dig to find dinosaur fossils. They were able to match the fossils to the information to find out which dinosaur they came from. Apple Class have thoroughly enjoyed this topic.

Spring 1: A Walk in the Park

Our theme for this half term is called 'A Walk in the Park'.  The children will begin their unit by taking a walk to the local park to investigate and observe different types of equipment. This will then lead to them designing and creating their own play equipment for a park. We will end the theme by taking a trip to Alice Holt, where the children will be able to use the geography and science skills they have learned to explore the physical features of the forests and obsere the living things in their naural habitats. For our full curriculum overview, see the link below.

6.2.18 - Apple Class enjoyed their school trip to Alice Holt, where they explored the different characteristics of living creatures. They also completed the 'Gruffalo Trail'. 

16.1.18 - As part of their DT project, Apple Class had to create a swing structure and a see-saw structure that could stand and also move. The whole class showed great teamwork during this unit, helping each other with different aspects of the task. 


Autumn 2: London's Burning!

Our theme for this half term will focus on 'The Great fire of London'. Throughout the theme, we will be looking at a variety of historical sources and using them to help us to piece together the events. We will be having a visit for Paul Ullson, who will help the children to imagine what it would have been like in 1666.

To support our English, we will be exploring the texts of 'A Walk in London' by Salvatore Rubinno  to suport our recount writng. Please see below for our half term curriculum overview.

9.11.17 - Paul Ulson came into school today to help us learn about what happened during 'The Great Fire of London'. He took on the role of Mr Grey and gave us a 'first hand' recount. We re-enacted some of the events to see what it would have been like.

1.11.17 - Apple Class gave a fantastic church service all about 'All saints'. The were able to speak clearly and share the stories of Saint George, Saint Patrick, Saint Andrew and Saint David with the rest of the school and parents. Well done Apple Class.


We kick started our new topic by making our own 3D map of London. The children were given the challenge to create a famous building from London, before placing it into the map. The children then took their own 'Walk in London' before writing a recount of it. They had great fun.


Autumn 1: Come to Our Place!

Our theme for this half term is called 'Come to Our Place'. Throughout this theme, we will be exploring our local area as well as focussing in on the forest that surrounds our school. In art we will be looking at the natural resources around us and using them to create interesting shapes and patterns.

We will be using the story of 'Into The Forest' by Anthony Browne as stimulus for our descriptive writing as well as looking at the story of 'The Three wolves and the Big bad Pig' as we explore alternative versions of traditional tales.

See below for the overview of this half term's learning.

10.10.17 - We used the natural resources around us to create some natural art. We explored the shape we could create and the contrasting colours.

5.10.17 - We enjoyed spending some time creating observational drawings of our natural surroundings.

29.9.17 - We went on a walk around our local area. We noticed the different buildings that were close by including the church, the farms and the types of housing.