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St Matthew's CE Primary School

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Welcome to Apple Class 2018-2019

We hope that you had a fantastic summer break. We have lots of exciting things planned for the year ahead. As a class we have decided that for it to be a successful year, we need friends and we need to be able to learn.

In Apple Class, we work hard and always strive to get the best out of our learning. We are learning to listen carefully to instructions and persevere when we are faced with challenges. We like learning in lots of different ways and we want to build on our prior learning to support the new learning. We have lots of fun in class and a smile is always a necessity. We are learning to listen to each other to support our learning and respect and understand each others' viewpoints. 

There are several links on the right hand side of this page which will guide you to useful websites which will support your child's learning. See the attachments below to see what the children are learning each half term. You will also find lots of photographs of our learning in the gallery.

Summer 2: I've Got a Sinking Feeling!

This half term, there will be a big focus on the Titanic and the events that led to its sinking in 1912. They will develop their history and geography skills to use artefacts to make inferences about what happened. They will use maps to plot the journey, whilst developing their knowledge of the 5 oceans and 7 continents. In Dt, they will be designing and making their own boats that have to be able to carry a load.

For the full over view, see the link below.

W.C. 3.6.19

Wow! What can I say? We have had a fantastic response to the half term homework. The children were asked to present something that shows what the Titanic looked like. The children have worked extremely hard to create models, drawing, take photographs and even make cakes. I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for your support.

W.C. 8.7.19

Apple Class had a fantastic visit to the Sea City Museum in Southampton where they learnt a lot about why the Titanic story is so important to this local city. See our gallery to see what we did. 

Summer 1: Growing a Picture!

This half term, there will be a big focus on science and art. The children will be looking at the variation between different plants. They will carry out science investigations, finding out what plants need to help them to grow and how plants reproduce. They will look at still life and landscape paintings by different artists before creating their own artwork ready to create their own art gallery. For a full overview, see the link below.

Spring 2: Long Live the Queen!

This half term, we will be learning about some different monarchs on England including Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria. The children will then be looking at their portraits and considering how they are made to appear wealthy and powerful. The children will be modelling themselves, pretending to be a king or a queen and using props to develop their own photographic portraits. They will then use these to create their own painted portraits. For a full overview, see the link below.

Spring 1: Whatever the Weather!

This half term we will be learning about different weathers. Through geography and science we will explore the climates around the world before narrowing our focus to the United Kingdom. We will explore different weathers and observe and record these. We will build up to writing our own weather reports and film them. For the full overview, see the link below.


We have explored the UK in lots of detail this week. We located the countries and capital cities on a map before carrying out our own research to find out more about them. On Thursday we did some fabulous writing about them.

Autumn 2: What's in a toy box?

This half term, our topic is 'What's in a toy box?'. We are really looking forward to the learning that we have planned for this half term. We will begin with the children giving small talks to the rest of the class about their favourite toy. They will explore materials of different toys and the suitability of them. They will be making their own toy vehicles as well as comparing toys of the past with modern toys. See below for our full overview of learning.


Apple Class gave some fantastic presentations this week. They brought in their favourite toys from home and told the rest of the class about them. They showed great confidence when giving their talks. See the gallery for photographs of the children giving their presentations.


This week Apple Class have been doing a lot of science work, finding out about and exploring different materials. Once they had discussed the properties of the materials, they had been given a challenge. The had to create a toy bridge out of paper only. They could change the paper in any way they wished; folding, twisting, bending or squashing. The bridge had to hold the weight of one of the toy cars. See our gallery for the results.


I was extremely proud of Apple Class this week. They gave an excellent sharing worship in which they retold the story of 'The Man on the Moon' alongside the real story of Neil Armstrong. They each took on their role and remembered their part. Well done Apple Class!

As part of their hook into their new English text, 'Lost in the Museum', the class were sent on a mission to find the lost toys. They had to follow the clues around the school which eventually led them to where the toys were hiding. They thoroughly enjoyed this game. See the gallery for photos of their hunt.


On Thursday 29th November, Apple Class went on a fantastic trip to Milestones Museum in Basingstoke. They had a fantastic time and their behaviour was exceptional.  Throughout the day, they had many opportunities to explore toys ad games from the past, including placing toys on a timeline, sorting toys and playing games. I can imagine that some of these games will resurface in the school playground. Well done Apple Class on a great trip. See our class gallery for photos of the trip.

Autumn 1: To Boldly Go!

This half term, our topic is 'To Boldly Go!'. We have lots of exciting learning planned within this theme including; finding out about Neil Armstrong and his mission to the moon; looking at existing rockets before building our own and reading stories about aliens crash landing on Earth.


Apple Class have settled back in to school really and have been immersed into our new topic. They have created their own night sky paintings, created the 3D planets to create a solar system in the classroom and have used a variety of construction to make rockets.


This week, Apple Class found two lost aliens wandering around their school field. They had crashed their space ship after an asteroid had hit it. They helped the aliens to find their way back to the spaceship. This stimulus was used to introduce the children to the story of Beegu, an alien who was lst on Planet Earth. The children have used this test to help them to learn about recounts.


We have had a very exciting week in Apple Class this week. On Monday, we took part in a 'space' workshop where we joined Neil Armstrong on his mission to the moon. We had to re-enact his mission as well as complete our training before hand. We then used this to sequence the events of his mission ready to recount it next week.


Apple Class spent some time on Thursday afternoon preparing for their Harvest church service. They harvested different vegetables (leeks, potatoes, onions and lettuce) from the school vegetable patches before looking closely at them and drawing them from observation. The children were able to talk about them whilst they were harvesting them. See our gallery for the photos of them doing this.

Apple Class have also been learning about 2D and 3D shapes; naming them and beginning to describe them. They created rockets using different 2D shapes.

The children also finished their postcard from Beegu (a story book character who crashed landed on Planet Earth) to her mum and dad describing what had happened to her. the children worked extremely hard on these and I am looking forward to putting them on display.