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St Matthew's CE Primary School

Faith • Respect • Achievement • Friendship

Breakfast Choir Time!

This week we have some really catchy tunes for us to sing together. I hope you are singing out at the top of your voices and doing all the dance moves!

Lets start with some ghost busting!

We can't be together at the moment, but this is a really happy song which will help us look forward to when we can!

The next two songs are by Phil Collins and we think they are good songs for us to sing in the lock down. The first one reminds us the stories we will have to tell and the good memories we will have of spending time with our families doing different things. The second one reminds us of how important we are to each other. It is also from Miss Lee's favourite Disney film.

You are definitely in our hearts!

The final song today is just for Mrs PH! We're sorry everyone else!

We hope you have a really good week and enjoy these catchy tunes today!

Love from Miss Yates and Miss Lee