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St Matthew's CE Primary School

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Stink-o-saurus (Week 24)

OUR WEEKEND CHALLENGE: To design a small garden for Oak Class - What would you like to plant in our planter.

Oak Class News:

On Friday (13th March) we emptied all of the coat trolleys. We have checked and EVERY child has got at least one pair of wellies and a PE Kit (even those who have claimed their belongs were lost!). We found loads of set of waterproofs - but lots of them did not have names in. 

We try our best to ensure that your child keeps their things organised, however, we are also trying to grow their independence by giving them the responsibility to clear-up and organise their own belongings. Lots of cloths are coming to school with no names in them. Please name your children's clothes or they end up in our general spares box. This will help your child to keep on top of what is theirs. 


During our twenty-forth week in Oak class we continued our Topic of ‘Discovering Dinosaurs’.  What have we been up to?

English – We have begun planning our story: How to Find a Dinosaur. We have been drawing comic strips to help us to plan out our story.

At home you could … verbally tell your family the story you have planned - do you remember what happened in your comic strip. Practise using different words for the word ‘said’.

You could also ... find a postcard while you are out and write about your weekend. Thank you Ivy for your two postcards!

Mathematics – We have been learning all about weight. We compared the weights of two different items using balancing scales. We have then used blocks as non-standard form of measurement.

At home you could ... find something in your house which weighs the same as YOU!

You could also ... play Snakes and Ladders against the computer:  

Phonics – We have split in half for Phonics.

Iguanas and Chameleons: Recapping the sounds qu and aw – with Mrs Lund.

Bearded Dragons and Geckos: Recapping the sound qu and spotting it within words - with Miss Soal.

At home you could ... write some Buried Treasure words to play with your family. Which digraphs have you used? Could you use a split diagraph?

Science – We have got some frogspawn in our classroom and have been keeping an eye on their development. We have also started a longitudinal study to track which bugs come into our school grounds.

At home you could ... set a bug trap (bury a yogurt pot) and see which bugs fall into it. Which bugs did you find? Are they the same as the ones we found at school?

History – We have been learning about Mary Anning and her discovery of FOSSILS and DINOSAURS. The children have been asking questions which allow them to think more deeply about what the world was like when Dinosaurs roamed the land.

ICT- We have been learning how to use paint to illustrate our work.  At home you could see if you too can find paint!

PE – We are doing PE on Monday afternoons. We are focusing on Multiskills during Spring 1.

Other – The children will be going to Barnaby Bear on Tuesday.