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St Matthew's CE Primary School

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Hop Half a Mile!

Hop Half a Mile (Week 19)

YOUR WEEKEND CHALLENGE: To practise your sponsored HOP! Have you got any sponsors? IIF you would rather donate online please do so here:

Begin saving a few pennies! We are having a Natterjack Toad Extravaganza to raise money for the ARC Trust. This will be held on 14th February 2020 at 1:45-2:45!!


Changes to Oak Class:

Spellings will be sent out of Fridays, practised every day in class and then informally tested on Friday mornings. The spellings may seem short and simple, but they are spellings which are commonly not spelt correctly during independent writing. Spellings this week are: 

Floor, door, there,

Challenge Spelling: nocturnal


During our nineteenth week in Oak class we continued our Topic of ‘Toads in Trouble’.  What have we been up to?

This week we have been creating leaflets for the ARC TRUST.

The children have also nearly completed their sponsored HOP - please see photos in the OAK CLASS Gallery!

English – We have been completing our HOT WRITE. We wrote facts about how we can help the Natterjack Toads at home. We wrote, edited and wrote up the final section of our factual leaflets.

At home you could … research what you could do at home to help save the bees. Bees, like Natterjack Toads, are at threat. Maybe there are some plants you could grow?

You could also ... find a postcard while you are out and write about your weekend.

We have also been focusing on rhyming this week. We have been writing some Rhyming Raps for Year 6. Can you write a Rhyming Rap at home?

Mathematics – We have been sorting numbers into odd and even piles this week. We noticed that there was a pattern...all even numbers are a multiple of 2.

At home you could ... play this Odd and Even Coconut game:

You could also ... sing this Odd and Even counting song:

Phonics – We have split in half for Phonics.

Iguanas and Chameleons: Focusing on the split diagraph o_e. We have identified the different ways of writing the sound oe – with Mrs Lund.

Bearded Dragons and Geckos: Recapping the sounds ar and or within words - with Miss Lund.

At home you could ... write some Buried Treasure words to play with your family. Which digraphs have you used? Could you use a split diagraph?

Science – The children have been using Venn Diagrams to sort different reptiles and amphibians.

At home you could ... complete the RSPB Big Garden Birdward 2020 - 

PE – We are doing PE on Monday afternoons. We are focusing on Multiskills during Spring 1.

Other – Miss Soal has been speaking to The Herald about our recent visit from the ARC Trust. The children will be told if any pieces will be published about our work in Oak Class.


Between our lessons we like to keep active, dance and sing. Here are a few of our favourite songs and videos from this week:

Wake up, Shake up:

When I look Up:

Months of the Year:

Odd and Even counting song:

Old Town Road:

We have been practising getting changed before the 5-minute timer ends. We love getting changed with this timer playing in the background. Maybe you could practise at home?