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St Matthew's CE Primary School

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The ARC Trust!

The ARC Trust (Week 17)

YOUR WEEKEND CHALLENGE: To find a leaflet and look at the layout. Are there facts in it? Can you see photographs? What are they advertising/informing you about?

Begin saving a few pennies! We are having a Kiss a Toad Valentines Day Extravaganza to raise money for the ARC Trust. More info to come!!


Changes to Oak Class:

Spellings will be sent out of Fridays, practised everyday in class and then informally tested on Friday mornings. The spellings may seem short and simple, but they are spellings which are commonly not spelt right during independent writing. Spellings this week are: 

says, some, come, love, your

Challenge Spelling: amphibian 



During our seventeenth week in Oak class we continued our Topic of ‘Toads in Trouble’.  What have we been up to?

The ARC TRUST came to visit us on Monday. They informed us about different reptiles and amphibians. We focused greatly on The Natterjack Toad AND  we got to hold one. We met a Natterjack Toad and a Common Toad and were able to compare their features. We then asked Ralph the questions we had written in English last week (to inform our leaflets). We walked around the school looking for places to build a Toad Pond.

English – We have been focusing on FACTS this week. After our visit from the ARC Trust we had lots of information and facts to process. We began the fact writing for our leaflets. We also recapped adjectives.

At home you could … write your favourite fact about Natterjack Toads – does your sentence include an adjective?

You could also ... find a postcard while you are out and write about your weekend. Thank you to Lucy and Ethan for your postcards.

Mathematics – We have been telling the time! We recapped O’clock and half-past. Some children have begun to focus on quarter past and quarter to.

At home you could ... play this telling the time game:

You could also ... sing this HIP HOP song!

Phonics – We have split in half for Phonics.

Iguanas and Chameleons: Recapping split digraphs, spotting them in sentences and writing out own sentences with Mrs Lund.

Bearded Dragons and Geckos: Recapping the sounds ai and ee with Miss Soal.

At home you could ... write an alien name for each person in your family. Which digraphs have you used?

Science – Following on from our visit from the ARC Trust, we have been thinking carefully about habitats. The children have considered the best habitat for Natterjack Toads and designed them a pond!

Art – We have begun drawing Natterjack Toads for our leaflets.

PE – We are doing PE on Monday afternoons. We are focusing on Multiskills during Spring 1.


Between our lessons we like to keep active, dance and sing. Here are a few of our favourite songs and videos from this week:

Wake up, Shake up:

When I look Up:

Counting in 2s:

Months of the Year:

Old Town Road:

We have been practising getting changed before the 5-minute timer ends. We love getting changed with this timer playing in the background. Maybe you could practise at home?