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St Matthew's CE Primary School

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Midnight, There's the Strangest Feeling in the Air Tonight!

Midnight, There's the Strangest Feeling in the Air Tonight (Week 14)

YOUR WEEKEND CHALLENGE: To write a formal letter to Father Christmas. Do you remember where you need to put YOUR address on the letter?

Changes to Oak Class:

1. We now have a POST CARD wall – if you visit anywhere interesting on holiday or for a day trip, please send Paddington Bear a post card so that we can add it to the wall and his book!

2. In Spring Term we are going to be making some changes to our spellings. Spelling tests will take place as a whole class on Thursdays or Fridays (depending on the week’s timetable). The children will ALL be learning the same words which will be taken from Year 1’s No Nonsense spelling lists. I am aware this is a different format and I am happy to discuss this with anyone who would like more information! I aim to add more information within the RED BOOKS at the beginning of Spring 1, and any child who does not have a red book will be issued one 😊

3. We will be issuing the children with ‘writing diaries’ to encourage the children to write more during Phonics lessons. These will be an independent book and kept at school.

During our fourteenth week in Oak class we continued the Topic of ‘Happy Christmas’.  What have we been up to?

English – We have been drafting and writing a formal letter to Father Christmas. We learnt that you needed to put your address in the corner of the letter. We talked about how we could politely ask for a gift, using a question mark where appropriate. Some of the class used the conjunction because.

At home you could … Write a question to Father Christmas - to leave out on Christmas Eve. Do you remember where the question mark goes?

You could also ... find a postcard while you are out, and write about your weekend.

Mathematics – The children were split into two groups and rotated between the two activities.

Activity 1: Using a boarder roll, the children measured their friend from the top of their head to their feet. They cut the piece of paper and used a tape measure to find out their height in centimetres. They then used their strips of paper to compare their heights - working out who was the tallest and the difference in centimetres.

Activity 2: On the online game site ICT Games, the children played the ‘Measuring in Centimetres’ game. Various items appear on the screen and the children predict and then measure each item with a virtual ruler.

At home you could … put your toys into height order. Can you measure how many centimetres tall they are.

You could also … Play this measuring game:

The children also requested that these maths games were added to our blog:

The Car Game:

The Duck Game:

Phonics – We have been looking at blending this week. Using the sounds we have learnt within our writing.  

At home you could … Find some TREASURE!

You could also … pop the bubbles!

You could also ... sing this song:

Christmas – We have completed our CHRISTMAS NATIVITY! Well Done Oak Class you were Awesome Zumba Reindeer. You did so well!! Time to party and celebrate your hard work now at the KS1 disco! Check the gallery for photos.