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St Matthew's CE Primary School

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Archie the Big Good Wolf!

Archie the Big Good Wolf (Week 5)

During our fifth week in Oak class we have continued our new topic of ‘Once Upon a Time, in the Deep Dark Wood’.  What have we been up to?

English – We been thinking about how we can TWIST a traditional tale. Oak class have been preparing for their Hot Write which was on Thursday. The children have been challenged to use an adjective and the conjunction ‘and’.

At home you could … try to write a sentence about a different Traditional Tale. Can you use an adjective and the conjunction ‘and’ in your sentence?

Mathematics – We have been counting in multiples of 10. We have been counting our steps, fingers and toes and working out which numbers are a multiple of 10. We have enjoyed singing the ‘Counting in 10s’ song again this week.

At home you could … colour all the squares which are a multiple of 10 and tell someone at home WHY it is a multiple of ten. Does it have a 0 on the end?

Phonics – We have been learning the digraphs ee and ai. We have been reading and writing words with ee and ai in. This week we have also been working on our sound pronunciation (i.e. ‘f’ not ‘f-er’). We have been looking at the new Trick Words: come and little

At home you could … try read and write these Tricky Words: the, said, have, like, do, so, some, come, little

Geography – We used Google Maps to look at countries. We have linked with a school in Texas, and become class pen pals. We have been looking on the globe to see if we can find England and America.

At home you could … see if you can find Texas on Google Maps. How could you travel there?

Music – We have been learning a song for our harvest festival assembly. The song has inspired us to write an email to our friends in America and ask them about Harvest Time in Texas.

At home you could … sing it to your family. Do you remember the actions?

Drama – We have been acting out the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We have thought about how each character travels.

At home you could … Re-tell the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, acting as the different characters.

Art - We have been painting pictures of our Twist in the Tale Wolves. We have thought about what a shy, small wolf would look like.

At home you could … Paint a picture of Big Blue Riding Hood!

Science – We have been looking around the classroom for objects which are magnetic.

At home you could … Look for things in your house which are magnetic. Is your fridge magnetic?

PE – We have been travelling in different ways across a mat. What is your favourite way to travel?


Between our lessons we like to keep active, dance and sing. Here are a few of our favourite songs and videos from this week:

Move and Freeze:

Wake up, Shake up:

When I look Up:

Bear Hunt Yoga:

We have been practising getting changed before the 5 minute timer ends. We love getting changed with this timer playing in the background. Maybe you could practise at home?