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St Matthew's CE Primary School

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To Infinity and Beyond! (Week 2 - 14.09.2020)

What Are We Learning This Week?  (Week 2)

News This Week:

1.The Spellings will be handed out every Monday. The spellings this week are:

are, do, to, here, he

The spellings next week are: 

she, said, the, is, his

2.Please make sure all clothing is named.

3.Please read with your children at home.

During our second week in Oak class we are delving into our new topic of ‘To Infinity and Beyond’.  But... what are we up to?


Below are ideas of work you can do at home, either over the weekend or if you are off due to COVID testing or sickness.





EnglishWe are studying Space Poems. We will brake down any vocabulary which we are unsure about and alter it. For example we could change saucer to SPACE SHIP!

If you are working at home you could … 

Space poems by Morgan, Gaby (9780330440578) | BrownsBfS

1. Read the poem to the children. What can they tell  about the poems? What can you tell me about the word mars and stars? 

2. Are there any words which the children do not know? What do they mean by a ‘creature’? What is Mars? What do you think the story could be about? Discuss the meaning of the words.

Extension: To think of their own topic word and one which rhymes.

3. Create a story map showing the sequence of events from the poem. Annotate with the key vocabulary.

i.e. Aliens left, went to space, what did they see?, then what happened?

Extension: Extend the story with what could happen next.

Mathematics – We are thinking about how to work out 'one more' and 'one less'. We are doing this by working out how many cupcakes Little Red Riding Hood would have if she had one more or one less than the amount her mother packed for her. 

If you are working at home you could …

1. Look for numbers around you house or an outside area. See if you can work out one more and one less!

2. Play this ICT Game: 

Phonics – We are reviewing phonemes from Phase 2 and 3. This week we will be working on our sound pronunciation (i.e. ‘f’ not ‘f-er’). We have also been looking at Phase 3 Tricky Words.

If you are working from home you could …

1. Read and Write these Tricky Words: was, all, they, my, and

2. Teach: Focus on one sound a dayTeaching the digraphs ch, sh, th, ng. Write it in the air, floor, shoe.

3. Apply: Make a list of ch, sh, th, ng words. Can you blend the sounds together to read the words your adult has written? If you get it right you get a point. Can you get 8 points?

4. Recap - Mix it up. Take you lists from the week, cut them up, and sort them into sound piles.

Science – We are thinking about forces with Mrs Owen. We also are going to began our longitudinal study which is based around the Oak Class pond.

If you are working at home you could …

1. Begin a weather diary, how does the weather change? Update it once a week for a whole year.

2. Find three toy cars of different weights/sizes. Make observations regarding if they push further depending on their weight or size.

PE – We will be balancing. Can you do a three-point balance?