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Working From Home (Week 13) 15.06.2020

Working From Home (Week 13)

I will continue to update this blog each week with work you can do and things to keep you busy. I hope that you have all had a lovely weekend and are ready for the week ahead.  

I will only be checking my emails on Thursdays. If you have any urgent questions please contact the office. Thank you :) 

This week we are continuing our new topic: PIRATES!


-Forest School will be on Thursdays. Please make sure you are dressed with long sleeves and either leggins or trousers. 

- UPDATE on what OAK CLASS looks like:

-This second week has been very successful in Oak Class. The children all settled in so well and we have been able to revert  back to the normal timetable. Each day we do Phonics, English, Maths, Handwriting, Music, RE and Art. The afternoons are set aside for Golden Time and one-to-one reading. Thank you for such a lovely welcome back.



-What Makes You Special?

-Draw a self-portrait. Think about what you look like. 

-Around the picture label things which make you happy and special. 



You are a baddie pirate, but a good pirate is chasing you because you have stolen his favourite piece of treasure. Write a letter to the Good Pirate to persuade them that you should keep the treasure.

Adjectives - to describe the treasure.

Persuasive Language - to persuade the good pirate to let you keep it.


- Play Phase 5 and 6 of Burried Treasure:

If you would like to try any of the other games you can use this log in and password:

Username: march20
Password: home

-Add some more 'High Five' hands to your tricky word wall. Have you got these Tricky Words: 

  • asked

  • began

  • being

  • can’t

  • didn’t

  • don’t

  • found

  • gone

  • show

  • brought

  • change

  • does

  • goes

  • heard

  • told

-Create a mind map of words to do with PIRATES and think of words that can rhyme with them. 

- Sound Hide and Seek

  1. Find some sticky notes (or paper with bluetack)

  2. On the sticky notes carefully write these sounds: ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar, or, ur, ow, oi, ear, air,           ure, er                                                                                                                                                                        or these Tricky Words: oh, their, people, Mr, Mrs, looked, called, asked, could

  3. Ask someone in your family to hide the post-it notes all over the house (especially on            things you'll need during the day i.e. toothbrush, toilet roll, milk)

  4. Every time you find a sticky note throughout the day say the sound or the word. If you get it right, you can keep it and get a point. If you get it wrong the person who hid it gets a point and can re-hide the note. 



PLEASE checkout the other writing ideas and activities at the bottom of this blog page.


-"Toothless Tom's parrot can say 15 words. Pirate Pete's parrot can say 12 more than Tom's parrot. How many words can Pirate Pete's parrot say?"


-Check your answer using different methods. 

- Please also complete the work set on Matheletics!

Design and Technology

-Can you design an outfit for a pirate or a mermaid? What materials would you use? Could you recycle any old clothes or 'junk' which you have already?


-Does it float? YOU are going to walk to plank. But what would you wear or carry to help you float. Test different objects and materials in your bath tub/washing up bowl/sink to see if they float. Record your findings in a scientific table.

CAPTAIN HOOK says 'The bigger the item the more likely the object is to float'

Is he right?

A few additional writing activities which you could do at home: 

1. Writing on the floor and walls outside with chalk (write over them a second time with water on a brush and they will disappear!)

2. Using a squeezy water bottle/paint brushes, writing on the floor outside with water

3. Rainbow Writing - writing every word or letter in a different colour

4. Writing letters for... the class pets, fairies, pixies, dinosaurs (to go in the Tardis), buddies in year 4. (If you wanted to write a letter to me or the other teachers at St. Matthew's, I will happily write and post one back to you)

5. Writing in sand or loose dirt with a stick

6. Writing secret messages (with your finger) on your friends back, hand, arm, foot. Can you work out what they wrote? 

7. Setting up a tuck shop, writing lists, labels, receipts, recipes (also great for learning about money)

8. Draw the outline of an animal and write inside the shape about it

9a. Writing words on Post It notes and organizing them into sentences

9b. You could also write words on building blocks or lego bricks and connect them together to make a sentence

10. Set-up a hidden writing den in your house, where you can hide away and write in your own 'personal diary'

11. Speech Bubbles - stick googly eyes on things around the house (chair, cucumber, spoon) and write a funny speech bubble on what it could say. Emoji"Do you like my spiky hair Mr Fork"

12. Writing words on strips of paper and making a sentence paper chain