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St Matthew's CE Primary School

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Isabelle - 17/11

Isabelle's day and answers to your blog reply.

Isabelle said "Stig's home would have felt rough and jagged. I would feel scared because it would have been a bit dark. It would feel cold and there might not have been comfy seats if he did have seats. I might be able to feel plants and they might feel damp and some of them might be a bit dry."

Isabelle did the vocabulary work independently and although she wasn't confident with using all the words but put them in order based on how they felt when she said them. 

The science work helped Isabelle understand more about rocks then yesterday. She thinks she has seen something about rock types in a book from home so we are going to try and find it. 

We went over line types together after the video you did and Isabelle then did a couple of mathletics tasks.

Another really good day overall but I think she is getting ready to be back at school with everyone!