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St Matthew's CE Primary School

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Great Work Isabelle!

Hi Isabelle, 

Well done on completing your forth day of home learning. You are partisipating really well and sharing your ideas. I am glad that you liked the treasure hunt this morning. Hopefully you will enjoy the rest of the zooms that we have planned this week. 

Handwriting and Spelling:  You have practised your 'ff' really well, taking care to ensure that it is a tall letter and a long letter in comparison to other letters. It looks beautifully neat and tidy - well done. I can also see that you have practised this weeks spellings too- Great work!

English:  Well done for sorting the descriptions into the senses! That must have been a tricky task but you have completed it well. When you think about the senses, what do you think Stig's home felt like to touch? If he place his hands there, what would it feel like to touch? 

Science: I loved your drawing of the rock and particularly liked some of the words that you used to describe it - 'smooth on the outside and rough on the inside'. Don't worry if you found it hard to compare the rocks. When you do that, you need to try to look for the things that are the same between two rocks and things that are different. 

Another great day of work that you should be proud of Isabelle. Well done. 

Mrs Searle