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St Matthew's CE Primary School

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Aidan's Pudsey

Aidan's Pudsey Picture

We went to a walk to pick bits for the picture. We printed a pudsey picture the attachments show the pic before and after he did it. When we did the walk on Friday the leaves were yellow. But Aidan did the picture at the weekend.. his leaves had changed from yellow to brown! When we looked out the window the leaves on the tree had also changed colour! To begin with Aidan wasn't impressed but then he said it was the girl pudsey who is brown. Here is his picture.

Hi Aidan,

Wow, what a great picture! I think your Pudsey looks brilliant. What a lovely idea to make it out of natural items! I think it looks great with brown leaves, as you said, it reminds me of the brown bear, I think her name is Blush! 

Great job Aidan,

Miss Welch