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St Matthew's CE Primary School

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Ash Class Blog

This blog will show you what we have been learning about each week.

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  • 28th June - Boat Racing

    Published 30/06/21, by Karla Welch

    Using Magnets to make a boat race!

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  • 11th June - Magnets

    Published 11/06/21, by Karla Welch

    Magnets Investigation

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  • 27th May - Animal Sketching

    Published 27/05/21, by Karla Welch

    Kenyan Wildlife - Come to Life!

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  • 20th May - Savoury Muffins

    Published 20/05/21, by Karla Welch

    Savoury Muffin Treats!

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  • 14th May - Sweet Adverts

    Published 14/05/21, by Karla Welch

    Willy Wonka's Rivals

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  • 19th April - Openbox Visit

    Published 19/04/21, by Karla Welch

    Openbox Roald Dahl Workshop

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  • 1st April - Daffodils in Science

    Published 01/04/21, by Karla Welch

    Science and Plants

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  • 24th March - Quidditch

    Published 25/03/21, by Karla Welch

    Witches and Wizards for the morning!

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  • 19th March - Red Nose Day!

    Published 19/03/21, by Karla Welch

    Red Nose Day fun to raise money for charity.

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  • 12th March - Friendship Heartsmart

    Published 12/03/21, by Karla Welch

    A lesson all about friendships.

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  • 15th December - Christmas Arts Day

    Published 16/12/20, by Karla Welch

    Ash class get crafty!

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  • 2nd December - Christmas comes early!

    Published 02/12/20, by Karla Welch

    Spreading Festive Cheer!

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