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Sycamore 2020 Blog

Great job again this week Edward! I hope you all have a really good holiday and enjoy the break!

I love the professional running shot Edward. Well done for all your hard work this week. I loved reading your description of your setting for your potential video game. It is going to be really exciting!

Thank you for sharing your what remains of the Mayan work this week, Joshua. I really enjoyed looking at it. I also was very impressed with your snowman although I was a bit sad that none of you were wearing any of your extensive hat collection!

Hi Edward, I love that you have been busy doing lots of creative and practical tasks. I think at the moment it is really important that we keep busy and doing a range of different activities. I also really fancy one of those eclairs! I hope they were good to eat!

I'm glad you have been having fun in the snow Ethan! That snowman looks amazing! We had no snow in Chichester so I am very jealous!

Great work Joshua. You have been doing great things this week. I really enjoyed hearing your story too. I am glad you're reading the newspaper. It has been a very big week for the news.

Joel, thank you for sharing your PowerPoint. I think it is really fun to imagine what special events would have been like in the past. I am glad you enjoyed this activity too.

Edward, I love the thoughtful things you have been doing as part of your HeartSmart work, very inspiring.

Thank you for sending your work to the blog Joshua, I really enjoy seeing it. My favourite bit of looking at your writing was to be able to see the two different drafts that you have completed for your retelling of the bat house part of the story. You have made excellent changes to your writing and have really improved your work. It is an inspiration for us as we look at our longer piece of writing this week and hopefully improve it as much as you have managed to do. Great job!

Edward, thank you so much for sending me all your work this week. I was very impressed! I think there are some things about decorating work which you will need to teach me when we get back to school! I was particularly impressed with your retelling of part of the story. I loved the part where you write that the Hero Twins were 'surrounded by death'. It sent shivers down my spine. Excellent job on the good turns too! Lucky mum and dad!

Thank you so much Ethan's mum for putting your photos from your visit to some Mayan Temples. It looks amazing. I am only a little bit jealous!

Well done for getting so much of your work done Ethan. I hope you have been enjoying doing all of the learning. I read your Mayan work and it sounded quite like a poem! Very artisitic!

That really made me laugh Joel! Your cats look like they are really enjoying having you at home to entertain them! I enjoyed looking at your Mayan PowerPoint too. You presented it very well and have found some interesting facts.

Please remember to put your first name on the blog so that we can see who has shared their work.

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  • Edward - Week 7

    Published 28/02/21, by Year 5 Five

    This week I enjoyed creating my Animal Fact File, which I chose to research about Elephants in the wild. As well as finihsing off building my Mayan moving vehicle, I also had a lot of fun with Amelia doing the science experiment, and sending the cars down our track as fast as possible.

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  • Edward - Week 6

    Published 12/02/21, by Year 5 Five

    Half term is nearly here!!  This week has been fun because I've spent a lot of time working on my instructions for a game and then making it out of lego, best of all I beat Amelia when we played it!

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  • Edward - Week 5

    Published 05/02/21, by Year 5 Five

    Despite the cold and rain this week for my downtime I've been out for lots of different runs Amelia & Dad.  It's not too nice when I do it, but I do feel a lot better when I get back home.

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  • Joshua Week 4

    Published 29/01/21, by Year 5 Five

    What remains of the Mayans?

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  • Edward Week 4

    Published 29/01/21, by Year 5 Five

    This week I've really enjoyed the reading task and I did my presentation on Pitz - I wish I could have played it, as long as I didn't lose and was sacrificed!

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  • Ethan's Fun in the Snow

    Published 26/01/21, by Year 5 Five
    Ethan had fun in the snow, made a snowman, snowangel and had snowball fights!
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  • Joshua Week 3

    Published 22/01/21, by Year 5 Five

    week 3 finished 

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  • The conversation between Hernan Cortes and the Maya King

    Published 22/01/21, by Year 5 Five

    Joel enjoyed this activity.

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  • Edward - Wk 3

    Published 21/01/21, by Year 5 Five

    This week I thought of different ways to be helpful and nice to others.  I wrote a thank you card to my god mother because she sent essential home schooling supplies of lollipops - which were just what I needed!

    I've also been helping Amelia with her PE homework, and playing lots of boardgames before bed

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  • Why were the Mayans so successful

    Published 19/01/21, by Catherine Lee

    The children in school wrote tweets which had to be 140 characters long. We voted for the best and clearest ones. It was very close (we had 3 people in second place). But this was the winning tweet!

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  • Joshua - Week 2

    Published 18/01/21, by Year 5 Five

    week 2 finished 

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  • Edward - Week 2

    Published 14/01/21, by Year 5 Five


    Mum and Dad were very pleased the HeartSmart was "Selfie Helpie" as it meant I could make them lots of cups of coffee this week!  I've also been helping Amelia each day with her PE homework, timing her and updating her scoresheets.

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