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St Matthew's CE Primary School

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What's going on in School

Hey guys! Finn here, I've been going to school lately, so I've decided to give you an update :)

So we start at 8:45 (as normal) and we're outside (almost) the whole entire school day. We get to play with bikes for about 15 minutes then we go into the hall for our daily dose of Joe Wicks PE then once that's done we go back out for more bike time and fun. Then at 10:30 (I think) we go in for a snack. It used to be cereal with NO milk but eventually we got milk :) Then we go back outside :( for more outside, fun then we go and eat our lunch, sometimes outside. After we play hide and seek on the field, (I always win, thanks to camouflage:) after that it's home time.

Thank you for listening. And make sure you tell us what your doing:)