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The story of baggy brown.

This is the story of baggy brown. it is one ov my favourite stories. Either read it or click on the attachments and hear me read it to you.


Princess sophinyiniannia (Sophie for short), als started ut well, as you can imagine. to give you some idea the top of the pile of cuddly toys that arrived for her the day she was born was simply enormous. However not one could stop her howling week after week. Sophies consent crying grew so bad that the king and queen were forced to pull their crowns over their heads because Sophies howls rang out through the entire palace.

At this time baggy brown was not called baggy brown at all, but just No.1,which was the number stamped on the little gold crown in his ear. He was first of 1000 special bears and the only one, the only one, without a price tag. He was priceless, you see because he was to be presented to princess sophie. And because of that he had a large NOT FOR SALE sign stamped onto his nose. Ouch!

It was such a shock that baggy brown did not line himself up properly when the big grabber came round. it completely missed him! While all the other bears were grabbed and whizzed away, No.1 cotinued along the conveyor belt and fell streight off the end into the big red teddy machine at better bears Ltd. When baggy brown came out on the other side he was spat out onto the factory floor and a kind worker called jack accidentaly trod on him.

Now jack wasn't to know that baggy brown was a priceless bear. he certainly didn't look like one. so jack took baggy brown home for his young son alfie. Alfie decided to call his new bear baggy brown.

That night alfie couldn't sleep so he creped out of the house, cluching baggy brown, and into the cool night air.