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Sycamore Blog

We will be posting some of our learning on our blog.

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  • Monet at the National Gallery London

    Published 17/04/19, by Year Five

    On Tuesday 16th April I went to the National Gallery in London! Then a very interesting and exiting thing happened.

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  • Hampton Court By William

    Published 13/04/19, by Year Five

    On Tuesday 9th April, I went to a very interesting place.... I went to Hampton Court the home of King Henry VIII! I'm Going to tell you all about it.

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  • Lambs At Easter By William!

    Published 08/04/19, by Year Five

    It has been the holidays and personally I've been very busy and I have a interesting story to tell.

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  • William And Nathan Martin LK blog.

    Published 03/04/19, by Year Five

    On Wednesday 3rd April 2019, it was R.E week and we were leaning about the word salvation & how it links to the Easter Story.We have also been creating posters on people that gave us Salvation, for example Martin Luther King who gave salvation for black people. 

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  • Civilised VS Uncivilised debate By Natalia!

    Published 07/03/19, by Year Five

    Last week we had the parents come in so we could persuade them that the Mayans were civilised or not.Me and my friend we chose civilised and we did a drama piece of how the Mayans made chocolate that's what I am going to teach you now. Firstly ground the coco beans into a paste the mix then add the chilli and mix really good you will see that you have hot chocolate but the best way to drink your hot chocolate is dipping a maize cake into the hot chocolate. I hope you have learnt how to make chocolate\hot chocolate YUMMY!

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  • civilised vs uncivilised Mayans by Logan

    Published 06/03/19, by Year Five

    This term we have been learning about the Mayans and we decided if they were civilised or uncivilised. We done a little tour and we looked at posters. Our group made different Mayans themes which were farming, chocolate, slaves, sacrifices and architecture. And i was the narrator/tour guide and I showed the parents different posters. After a while when we finished the tour the parents decided if the Mayans were civilised or uncivilised. 

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  • Sycamore Class Debate - Were the Mayans Civilised or Uncivilised?

    Published 06/03/19, by Year Five

    Last term, we started a debate as a class deciding whether the Mayans were civilised or not. I personally thought that the Mayans were mostly civilised. My reasons were, they created chocolate, learnt how to use maths, studied science and they even built astronomy towers.

    The reason I don’t think they were all civilised is because they had human and animal sacrifices.

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  • The Mayans Civilisation debate by Ellie

    Published 05/03/19, by Year Five

    The Mayans civilisation debate by Ellie

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  • Mayan civilised vs uncivilized debate by Ryan

    Published 05/03/19, by Year Five


    Mayan civilised vs uncivilized debate



    • The Mayans used cocoa beans for money.
    • The Mayans invented a ball game for teams (Pok ta pok) similar to netball, it made you fit.
    • They used chocolate as a drink (like hot chocolate).
    • The Mayans used the stars or the Aztec calendar to work out what day /month it was.
    • The Mayans built temples to be closer to the gods and they were made from stone.



    • It is not civilised to keep slaves.
    • Mayans sacrificed slaves to honor the gods, believing it to give them good.
    • Slaves were given blood in chocolate for a gift from the gods.



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  • Adventures of sycamore by Maisie Watts

    Published 05/03/19, by Year Five

    The debate

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  • Civilised or Uncivilised by Lottie

    Published 04/03/19, by Year Five

    In sycamore we had a debate about if the Mayans were civilised or uncivilised . 


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  • Uncivilised by Charlie Keet

    Published 04/03/19, by Year Five

    I think the Mayans are uncivilised because they had slaves  read on and find out more                                                                                                           

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