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Well done Charlie, for all that work you have completed. It is looking good! Your letter tyo your 5 year old self was lovely and heartfelt. We hope you all have a brilliant holiday too!

Thank you for all your hard work Tabitha, I have been so impressed with your worth ethic, and working after you have gone to bed is really impressive! I liked your lyrics to a Black Lives Matter song. We had a long talk about the Fleur East song and we think it is a very important issue. 

Liberty you have also had a really busy week. When I put the slime activity on the website I was thinking of you, so I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I love all the work you've done this week Tabitha! Very dedicated of you. I love the idea of baby pictures! 

Charlie, you have been busy. Well done as always. It was lovely seeing you and your mum. I hope you come back before the end of term!


Dorian, another very full week this week. I am very impressed with your video. I have embedded it into your blog page so everyone can enjoy it! Brilliant work as always. I love your disco Genie! Very clever.

I love the Disney inspired character. Unfortunately there was not a name on it so I don't know who has produced it. There was so much thinking and planning behind it. Well done! I think you should send it to the Disney corporation as a suggestion of their next heroine.

Thank you for putting on the blog again Dorian. I can see your Morse Code work now. I've printed it off to see if I can work out what you've written! I love how your brother has added to your work!

Tabitha, it was lovely to see you last week as well. I was so impressed with everybody's letters to their special friends. You have put so much into them. I am glad you are doing so well with your maths packs. I hope you enjoy some of the activities on the website this week.

Thank you for the recipe Charlie! I will definitely have a go! You have done really well  this week and done a lot of things. Keep up the hard work! It was lovely to take to you over zoom on Friday.

Kara, those puppies are gorgeous! I think if I did not have Lucy the cat, I would definitely be interested in having one!

Wow Tabitha! You win the prize for doing the most work this week! You've achieved so much through your hard work. Well done. I particularly enjoyed reading your facts about Argentina. It is a country I would love to visit. I think your giraffe dolphin is lovely. I am very impressed with your drawing, I think you should add drawing onto the list of your talents. It's really good.

Thank you for editing your blog Dorian! I really laughed at your story about Mr Meatball! What a sad life that was. Very clever and entertaining!

Hi Charlie, thank you for showing us your work. It was lovely to see your hopes for Year 6 and I must say the souvlaki looked really yummy! I'd love to have the recipe if you have time to post it!

Thank you everyone for putting things on the blog today, it was so nice to see so many messages when I logged on and I loved hearing about what you have been doing! Keep up all the hard work, you are doing brilliantly!

You have outdone yourself as always Dorian with your Monaco project! I didn't realise that Monaco was so small. I wonder how it managed to get so rich. It is certainly a great place to live if you have the money! I'm not sure I could afford a loaf of bread there! I'm afraid the pictures you've attached are all the same picture of your River Thames work which is great, but I don't know if you wanted to share some Morse Code work as well? You can always go back in and change the attachments and resave the work.

Liberty - I love that you have worked so hard this week on finding out about Wales! I think your house this week has been more Welsh than Wales! I would love to hear you tell us all the Welsh words when we next see each other! But of course my favourite bit was the picture of mum when she was in school. She looked so cute! What a lovely day she must of had! And of course, the monkey giraffe is great. Made me laugh! I can imagine all the mischief he might get into!

Please don't forget to put your first name on your blog posts so we know who they are from!

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