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Rainbows' Blog

Well done Thomas. What great colouring. You look very happy and smiley. I am looking forward to being with you all again.

Kye-your cooking looks brilliant. I am very sorry that I cannot reach in and grab one. Maybe you could freeze one!!! Mrs West

What brilliant PE. I am sure that you were exhausted!

What a beautiful butterfly. I hope that we see some more next week.

What great shapes Thomas. I am looking forward to seeing what you build when you come into school.

Well done Emmy! You should be super proud of yourself.

Kye-I have seen your wonderful photograph with your sister and you both look super chilled doing your yoga. keep it up!

Charlie-I saw your great sunflower work and your writing is amazing. Well done. The sunflowers that we planted in school are beginning to grow.

Emmy-I have commented on your post underneath your photograph but I wanted to say that you all look like you are having a great time and taking turns beautifully. Can the cats play?!

Hazel-I was very impressed to see how well you can now ride your bike. Well done!

Kye-what a lovely picture. We will have to do something like this when we get back to school.

Thomas-we are missing you also and hopefully we will be able to see all of our friends very soon.

What a wonderful flower Kye and such great writing. Save it and bring it to school when we all see our friends again.

What a wonderful fish tank. I really want to know what is in the treasure chest.

Kye-you both look super fit! What a great way to stay active.

Thank-you so much for your wonderful colouring and note, Thomas. I am missing you all and hope to see you very soon.

Fantastic work Jessica. That puzzle looks very hard.


I love your glasses Thomas. You look super cool. We all miss you also.

What great cooking Kye. Did any of them escape from the oven? Maybe they sneaked on your bike to Liss Forest!

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