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St Matthew's CE Primary School

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Sycamore 26th May

Poos, s'mores, dens and dream catchers!

A busy morning in the forest today. The children were designing lots of different dens today and they are certainly more confident in using long branches as a support. They even made themselves sofas, tables and all modern comforts! One of the children spotted a large and interesting poo. We tried very hard to find out which animal may have been the one to do it... but, alas, there was no clear culprit! The children do get excited about a good poo on site!

We had a simple snack of s'mores around the fire today and some of the children made themselves dream catchers. A couple of children made a rope climbing area using one of the trees to put the rope around and they enjoyed hauling themselves up! Lots of fun and shenanigans!