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St Matthew's CE Primary School

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Sycamore 28th April

Toast, knots and obstacle courses!

A very busy day in the forest today! The children were keen to build some shelters today and lots of us have started to learn some simple knots to help with shelters. Most of us can successfully tie a timber hitch and a larks foot knot. Our shelters are certainly more sophisticated these days!

Toast was our snack today and we loved being by the fire to toast the bread. It was scrummy!

Some children made their own obstacle course around the forest school site using tyres, scramble nets, logs and planks. They worked as a team brilliantly today. 

The children are becoming very competent at lighting fires and can consistently make a fire that last. We considered the kind of wood we need to keep our fires going today and sorted it before we started lighting fires. The children realised that being more organised before we start means that they are more successful at keeping their fires going.