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St Matthew's CE Primary School

Faith • Respect • Achievement • Friendship

Sycamore Forest School 14th October 2020

Another busy afternoon! Some other children had the opportunity to try to light a five minute fire. It was made more difficult today as it started to rain heavily! One child managed to keep theirs let for 8 minutes! Amazing! It sounds easy to do, but really it is'nt!


We tried putting up some hammocks today. We used some simple knots to attach them to the tree and they worked! We enjoyed sitting in them.


Some of us put shelters up around the hammock. It was a challenge to see what type of shelter worked best for this. 


A few of us sat in the rain and learned a few more knots. We are actually quite enjoying tying knots. We looked at the clover hitch, timber hitch and some even attempted the alpine butterfly!