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St Matthew's CE Primary School

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Forest School Blog

Hello! Welcome to our Forest School Blog.  We will be updating this page frequently so that you can see what we have been up to in the forest. 

 Mrs O and Mrs P - the 'Forest school Fairies' (aka The Forest School Team)

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  • Oak Class- 29th September 2020

    Published 30/09/20, by Rhiannon Searle

    Obstacle courses and bug hunts

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  • Sycamore class 28th September 2020

    Published 28/09/20, by Karen Partridge
    We were very lucky with the weather today and even managed to enjoy some sunshine! We enjoyed a few refreshments with our friends and made our own drinks.   Some of us wanted to build shelters which are definitely getting better! We even r
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  • Sycamore Class 23rd September 2020

    Published 28/09/20, by Karen Partridge
    After a game of bear and honey, the children were able to complete lots of activities this week. We put up some shelters as it had started to rain. Some of the children learned how to tie a timber hitch and larks foot (cow hitch) and used this when c
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  • 'No Pick, No Lick'

    Published 22/09/20, by Rhiannon Searle

    Wisteria Seed Pods

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  • Sycamore Class Forest School 16/9/20

    Published 21/09/20, by Karen Partridge
    It was an absolutely beautiful day in the forest today! We started off our session with a forest bathe under a tree. It was very relaxing for most of us and it gave us time to think and notice things about the tree were sitting under.   
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  • September 2020

    Published 21/09/20, by Rhiannon Searle

    Welcome back to Forest School!

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  • Rainbows 3rd July 2020

    Published 05/07/20, by Rhiannon Searle
    Today turned into a day all about smooth newts! We set out this morning to do a big bug hunt and ended up finding 4 newts! We were all EXTREMELY excited about it!   We used the Internet to find out more information about them (we weren'
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  • Oak Class 2nd July 2020

    Published 05/07/20, by Rhiannon Searle
    Bugs, bugs, bugs! That's been our day today! We went into the woods at the side of school and did a massive bug hunt. We found lots of exciting creepy crawlies.    We Looked under logs, underneath rotten pieces of bark and in amon
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  • Rainbows 26th June 2020

    Published 27/06/20, by Karen Partridge
    It was a beautiful day in the woods today. The weather was kind to us. Lots of sun and lovely and cool under the trees. We had fun using the clay today making lots of different things. Harri made a lovely sculpture with clay and pine cones and Bow
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  • Oak Class 25th June 2020

    Published 25/06/20, by Rhiannon Searle
    Very different to last week! This week we were lucky enough to have blue skies and sunshine in the forest. It was so cool under the trees we didn't realise it had got so hot! We did a lot of bug hunting today. We used our identification books,
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  • Rainbows 19th June 2020

    Published 19/06/20, by Rhiannon Searle
    Another busy morning in the forest today! We all played a game together where we had to try and capture some pinecones from the 'owl'. If the owl turned around and saw us moving, we had to go back to the beginning! We thought it was very f
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  • Oak class 18th June 2020

    Published 18/06/20, by Rhiannon Searle
    Well, one word sums up todays forest school... WET! Very rainy today! The rain brings with it lots of fun though! We loved puddle splashing and collecting rainwater in pots.    We had a go with the soft archery again this week and wer
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